Gianfranco Porcelli – Frances Hotimsky
Theory and Practice

pp. 200 – € 19,63
ISBN 88-7198-454-4

English pronunciation poses several problems but a good analytic knowledge of the sound system is essential in order to learn to communicate more efficiently in today’s world. There are several jobs and professions (teacher, diplomat, top executive, etc.) where an approximate knowledge is not acceptable, because of the risk of misunderstandings and blunders. A lot of English loanwords in Italian are usually mispronounced and many people keep using wrong pronunciation when they speak English, without realising that the correct form is different.
This book, the outcome of the collaboration of two experts in the field, aims to facilitate the task of acquiring an awareness of the actual underlying patterns and a good mastery of English pronunciation, by providing a variety of drills so as to achieve a good balance between theory and practice. It includes the translation of Manuale di Pronuncia Inglese: analisi ed esercizi (Milan, Sugarco, 1997) by the same authors but it has been revised, enriched and updated.

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